Blush and Contour

IMG_3745As I mentioned in my last post I checked out the Sleek range and purchased a few goodies … one of which was this neat little contouring and blush palette in ‘fair’. I don’t have a huge range of these products in my collection as I tend to stick to old favourites – Hoola by Benefit and Rose Blush by Bourjois – but I had heard good things about this palette and seen it used in a few videos on youtube so I thought I would give it a try!

IMG_3746The packaging is very … sleek! and has a bit of a Nars look to it, being all simple and black. It is a nice size and could easily fit into my little handbag collection. The bronzer is matte, which I love, and is quite similar to Hoola so it is winning with me already! The blush is very different to my Bourjois one – a lot more pigmented and has some rose-gold flecks in so it is quite shimmery but blends out to a lovely glowing colour. Now, I have been looking for a good powder highlighter ever since Benefit discontinued their ‘Perfect 10’ powder box. I recently picked up a L’Oreal highlight and have not been impressed so was hoping for much better things from this little beauty! So far I have been really impressed – it’s not quite my old Bene-fave but it’s certainly better than my L’Oreal one. It really catches the light but doesn’t come out talcy and white, which I have found with other highlights.


Overall I’m really liking this palette at the moment – especially as it has everything I need in one little box that I can just throw in my bag! Great for when you’re travelling!

What are your favourite hughstreet/drugstore powder products? What do you think of the Sleek range in comparison to others for a similar price?

Sleek Face Form Palette – £9.99 


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