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Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m 23. And I’m a makeup addict.

There, I said it, it’s off my chest. I honestly can’t go into a Boots, Superdrug or department store without coming out with a bag of goodies – how did these get here?! I spend a lot of my down-time on the internet looking at makeup and beauty channels so thought I would share my obsession and give my little bit back, as it were.

I’m very new to this whole blogging, life-sharing thing so please send me a message or leave a comment about what I should write, what I can make better or just for a cheeky chat!

H x

Email: paintedpretty01@gmail.com
Instagram: paintedpretty01
Twitter: paintedpretty01


15 thoughts on “About / Contact

  1. Hi Hannah! Thanks so much for following me – I’ve read a few of your posts and I can tell it’s going to be a frequent stop for me! I love anything beauty related! Plus, your blog layout is super cool!

    Ellen 🙂

  2. Hi hannah! I just took a look at your blog and I’m really enjoying your posts, I love everything beauty related haha 🙂 looking forward to reading more of them.

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