January Favourites

February already?! When did that happen?! A whole month of beauty blogging down (and loving every second) so it must be time to reflect on my most used products and new discoveries of the last month …


1. Debobbler – okay so this first one isn’t a beauty product but I have been loving this little clothes gadget since I got it at Christmas! I have so many jumper which, after much love and wear, are looking a bit …bobbly! Just run this little guy over the bobble and POOF! Gone! Magical!

2. Craving by MAC – this has been my go-to lipstick this month. It’s warm and perfect for Autumn, with deep cranberry undertones. My favourite colour to wear at the moment is that kind of mulled-wine colour which is everywhere and this lippy just completes my outfits!

3. L’Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Repairing Spray – a conditioning leave in spray which has been a lifesaver for my hair! I have really long hair and it gets very dry and this just leaves it feeling like silk. It’s super light weight and does not make my hair greasy. I just spray it all over with a bit more at the ends before blow drying.

4. Sleek Au Naturel Palette – I have literally used this palette every day since I bought it! It is perfect for every kind of neutral look you can imagine; from subtle day to smokey night eyes! It was a total bargain too! I have a full review of this product here and am working on posting some looks/tutorials using it.

5. Vintage Cosmetics Co. Tweezers – I got these in my Glossybox in January and they are so adorable and work fabulously! You can buy them from Boots for £8 – I really recommend them.

6. L’Oreal Magic Lumi Foundatiom – I have been obsessed with this foundation! It is perfect for my very dry skin and blends beautifully. I don’t find it cakey at all and it just makes my skin look radiant! So much love for this product!

7. La Roche Posay Physiological Cleaning Milk – I am a big fan of using cleaning milks, especially on my very dry skin. This one is designed for dry to very dry skin, which is why I picked it up, and I use it to cleanse and take off my makeup. It has a pump which I think is great as one pump of product tends to do the job perfectly! I am actually liking this a lot more than my Clarins cleaning milk and will definitely repurchase.

8. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser – my perfect primer! Makes applying my foundation ever easier and leaves for a perfect non-greasy finish – I use this every single day. I have a full review here.

And finally ….

9. MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot – another addition to my permanent every day collection! I just love using this to prime my eyes. It matches my skin tone perfectly and really does make my eyeshadow last much longer. I will definitely repurchase this when it runs out!!

I hope you enjoyed my JanFaves! Sorry it was such a lonnggg post! Which of these do you use and what have you been loving over the last month? Are there any products I really need to check out and review?

P.s – thoughts on the new theme – yay or nay? X


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