MUA Eyeshadows : Depotted!

IMG_3732Recently I have been collecting all the MUA single shadows whenever I drop into a Superdrug … okay, maybe I go out of my way to go into Superdrug but as a makeup addict, I just can’t help myself! I did a little review of these fabulous £1.00 eyeshadows which I will link here a few posts ago – I really love them but I find single shadows annoying! They’re all over the place and difficult to store, especially these MUA ones as they have a domed lid so they can’t stack – rage! So I jumped on eBay in search of a storage solution and found this empty palette for a bargain price of £2.54. The empty pans are 36mm diameter which is just perfect for my MUA shadows! 

from this


I got the palette from the same seller as my lipstick containers and it came in about three weeks. I then used my straightening iron to depot the shadows and simply pushed the metal pans into the plastic holes and .. voila! I still have space for one more shadow in this palette and I want to try and keep it ‘neutral/ earthy’ shades. Plan is to make another one with all the fabulous bright purples and blues that MUA make too! 

IMG_3735The palette holds 10 shadows so … a little quick maths … 10 x £1.00 plus £2.54 = £12.54! Which is only 4p more expensive than one single MAC eyeshadow!!! Now, don’t get me wrong, I love MAC – but when you’re trying to do beauty on a budget you really can’t go wrong with these 🙂 

What do you think of MUA? Have you tried depotting them and which shades are your faves? 




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