Haul : e.l.f brushes

e.l.f brushesYay – new brushes! I girl really can never have too many makeup brushes so after Christmas, when I had a little extra spending money, my sister and I did a little e.l.f haul and I got these little beauties and some brush shampoo. They got sent to my sister’s address so I’ve had to wait for her to then post them to me but they are totally worth the wait! The brushes are so soft and they are an absolute bargain – each of the  brushes cost me £1.50! Amazing!

defining eye brushHere are some closeups of what I got! I love my Bobbi Brown ones but they’re a little expensive on my student budget so these are the perfect way to add to my collection without breaking the bank! Which brushes are your faves? What brushes do you think are ‘must-haves’?


6 thoughts on “Haul : e.l.f brushes

  1. I haven’t heard great things about this brand, which is sad as I was going to buy them all. How do they feel on your skin? Especially the angled brush? Too spiky? Soft? Also, I’ve heard they shed quite badly, have you found this to be the case?

    • Omg third time lucky – I keep accidentally deleting what I have written!

      I have never had a problem with my elf brushes shedding and they are all very soft! The angled brush isn’t a ‘true’ angled brush as it is very fluffy and more for packing on product rather than eyeliner etc.

      I am not a fan of the elf actual makeup but I do like the brushes and have about 8 of them xx

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