Review : BarryM Raspberry

photo 1

So this isn’t really so much a review as a rave about how much I love BarryM nail polishes. I’m obsessed. Seriously. For someone who only ever has nails when I make the effort to stick them on, I own a stupid amount of nail polish and BarryM is my all-time favourite brand. This beauty here is called Raspberry and the coverage in the picture is just one coat. That’s right one coat! Every single colour I own has not disappointed me – they’re fabulous colours, glide on smoothly with no lumps or brush lines and dry relatively fast (great for impatient people like me!) They are also sold at the bargain price of £2.99-£3.99 depending on the finish and OHMY, the range of finishes is fab! Original, Matte, Gelly, Glitter, Effects, Metallic … what more could you possibly want?!

What do you think of this brand? Would you like me to review more of it? What is your favourite brand of polish and type of manicure?



3 thoughts on “Review : BarryM Raspberry

  1. I just recently discovered Barry M and am also in love! I want them all! I don’t have Raspberry but it looks so nice on you, I know what my next purchase will be 🙂

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