TAG! : Beauty Questions


I’ve never done a Tag Post before so I was super excited when TaraMakeup tagged me to do this beauty questions tag! It’s just a few questions on my thoughts on beauty and I’ll tag a few blog’s I’d like to see at the end of the post … so here we go!

1. Where are you from?
London, UK

2. Have you always been interested in fashion & beauty?
No – I was a total tom-boy until the age of 14 and then BAM! Makeup and dressing-up obsessed ever since.

3. What fascinates you about fashion & beauty?
I love the way it can make you feel – how putting on your favourite dress or a bright lipstick can totally change your mood.

4. Do you have a daily beauty routine that you try not to miss?
Yes – I cleanse, tone and moisturise everyday and use a hydrating serum in the evenings before bed. I also exfoliate a couple of times a week when I feel like I need a deep cleanse! I use:

– La Roche-Posay Physiological Cleansing Milk for dry to very dry skin
– Clarins Toning Lotion with Camomile (alcohol free!)
– Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream for early wrinkle correction (preventing those badboys!)
– Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase  (not a huge fan and will change when it runs out)
– St Ives Apricot Scrub

5. Is there a beauty item you can’t live without?
Hmm… this is a tough one! It’s a tie between mascara and conditioner. Mascara is one of those products that I can just wear without anything else and feel I look more “awake” but I can’t get a brush through my hair unless I use a conditioner!

6. Do you always remove your makeup before going to bed?
99% of the time – yes! … But sometimes I’m naughty, like when I come in from a party at 2am and just flop straight into bed – exhausted!

7. Do you visit day-spas or have spa-holiday?
Oh how I wish! Unfortunately my lowly student budget does not stretch this far.

8. How often do you go to the hairdressers?
Massive beauty confession here … I don’t! Last time I went they chopped off 6inches of my hair when I asked for a trim and I’ve been traumatised ever since. I keep my hair in good condition by using hair masks, not brushing my hair when wet and trimming it myself.

9. When you visit the hairdresser, are you ever inclined to take risks with the cut and colour?
I’ve never dyed my hair – I actually really like the colour it is! When I was at school I used to go to the hairdressers and give them cart-blanche to do what they like and came out with styles from super short layers to a full fringe! At the moment I am enjoying having long hair and just changing up how I style it.

10. Name a no-go fashion item
I love dressing up, even during the day, so the thought of wearing “lounge-wear” out of the house is nightmare-worthy for me … I’m looking at you Uggs and Sweatpants!

11. Manolos or Louboutins?
Louboutins! You will be mine!!!

12. Are you a girly-girl or a tom-boy?
Girly-girl all the way! Dresses, pink lipstick, high-heels, shiny objects … loveeee!

13. Do you exercise regularly?
Now, I used to be an exercise fiend and played sports at least 5 times a week! But since I graduated it’s all gone horribly wrong … so one of my new years resolutions is do more exercise. I ran 5km at Park Run last Saturday (a free timed run held all across the UK/world) and am going to try and keep that up!

14. and finally … Describe “blogging” in three words
Inspirational – Creative – Sharing

And there you have it – my first ever tag post and a little insight into my beauty & fashion thoughts! I really like reading these so everyone should do it, but I am tagging the following three bloggers:

IzzieKiki from “Izzie’s Beauty Blog”
CaseyNicoleGreen from “It’s an Addiction”


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