POREfessional vs Baby Skin


Benefit’s POREfessional is one of my holy-grail-go-to-everyday products – it makes my skin feel silky smooth and my foundation goes on top like a dream! But with all the hype this new Maybelline Baby Skin was getting, I just had to check it out and see what all the fuss was about.

As I said in a previous post, the packaging is super cute – similar colours to the POREfessional (clever marketing, I’m sure). It’s also 22ml so you get the same amount of product BUT (and when you are a lowly student this is a big but) it is 1/3 of the price of its Benefit buddy! Now I don’t know about you but because I use primer every day it runs out really fast. The POREfessional costs £24.50 and lasts me about 12 weeks … That’s over £8.00 a month just on primer! So at £7.99 Baby Skin is far more gentle on my bank balance.

First impressions on applying – it comes out clear but a similar consistency to the POREfessional but I feel it’s a little harder to smooth across my face (I’m being picky here). Once applied it leaves my skin feeling luxuriously soft (like baby’s skin?!?!!) and my foundation (L’Oreal Magique Lumi) glides on top, giving my skin a nice flawless finish. It’s not oily or drying and honestly feels like I have nothing on my face, unlike some primers I have tried which have left my skin feeling tacky. I have really dry skin and this does not leave me looking cakey at all.

Overall I think this is a pretty excellent dupe and I will most probably repurchase this in a few months when I run out! Thumbs up from Painted Pretty!


Maybelline Baby Skin primer £7.99
Benefit The POREfessional £24.50
L’Oreal Magique Lumi Foundation £10.99


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